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Yellowbill in Uganda


“Ceuthmochares aereus” 

What to know About the Yellowbill in Uganda?

The Yellowbill is a bird of  cuckoo species in the Cuculidae family. The Ceuthmochares is a genus of two species that were once treated as a single species, known as the yellowbill.

These species are found in evergreen forests of Africa. Their distinction from other cuckoos is that, they are not brooder parasites.

How Does The Yellowbill in Uganda Look Like?”

It is a medium sized bird with length 33 cm, the male weight between 54–74 g and female 52–80 grams. It is an arboreal, with a slender body and somewhat squirrel-like cuckoo, the tail is very long and graduated without white spotting.

How Does The Yellowbill in Uganda Feed?

The Yellowbill eats Insects, like caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, leaf-hoppers, winged termites, bees, spiders; tree frogs, slugs and occasionally fruits can be eaten as supplements.

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