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Intermediate Egret in Uganda (“Mesophoyx intermedia”)

Intermediate Egret

What to Know About the Intermediate Egret in Uganda?

The Intermediate Egret in Uganda is one of the African Uganda Birds seen during Uganda Birding Watching Tours. It is sometimes called the median egret, smaller egret or even yellow-billed egret. The intermediate egret has a length 56-72cm, wingspan 105-15cm and weighs about 400g.

It also belongs to the Ardeidae family, Kingdom-Animalia, Phylum-Chordata, order-Pelecaniformes and genus-Ardea.

They live in areas near water. It has a medium size and breeds frequently from east Africa, in Uganda, it commonly breeds in queen Elizabeth national park.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Look Like?

The name intermediate egret is derived from its size between great egrets, little egrets and cattle egrets.

The adults have entirely white plumage but in breeding, they develop longer feathers at the back which extends beyond the tail, and the lower neck and breasts grow a lot of feathers too.

It’s has a long reddish bill with an orange tip, while the upper legs are pink and the lower ones are green.

The feet are brownish, and it has pale yellow eyes. The intermediate egret is smaller than the great egret, with a shorter neck, dome-shaped head and its bill is shorter and thicker than that of the great egret.

Its difference from the little egrets is in color of the feet. The feet of intermediate egrets are blackish while the little egrets have yellow feet.

The intermediate egret is much similar to a cattle egret, the difference is in behavior and lifestyle.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Sing and Make Calls?

It is frequently a silent bird, but when it utters sound, it’s like buzzy calling during courtship display. A deep “kroa-kr” can be heard when it takes flight.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Feed?

The intermediate egret frequently feeds alone in shallow water but sometimes in small group of 15 to 20 birds. it mainly feeds on small fish, insects and crustaceans.

The intermediate egret stems the prey by trekking slowly in mud, water or grass. It stands still at the control of water, and jabs the closest prey by its long bill and swallow the prey.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Nest?

Intermediate egrets nest in large colonies in other birds. a loose structures platform made of sticks, reed stems is built by both the male and female intermediate egrets.

The nest is placed in the trees or shrubs over or near water from 3-6 meters or even higher in trees.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Breed?

The breeding habits of intermediate egrets depends on the locality.

How Does the Intermediate Egret in Uganda Reproduce?

The female intermediate egret lays between 2-4 eggs, both adults incubate for about 24-27days.

At hatching, the chicks are covered with white down, the adults feed their chicks by regurgitation and fledging takes up to 35 days after hatching.

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