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Little Egret in Uganda (“Egretta garzetta”)

Little Egret

What to Know About the Little Egret in Uganda?

The Little Egret in Uganda is one of the African Uganda Bird Species seen during birding in Uganda. Just like the name little Egret, it is a species of the heron in the family-Ardeidae, Kingdom-Animalia, Phylum-Chordata, Class-Aves and order-Pelecaniformes.

The little egret is not actually tinny bird but it is small compared to other herons. It has a length 55-65cm, wingspan 88-106cm and its weight is between 350-550g.

How Does the Little Egret in Uganda Look Like?

The little heron has entirely white plumage, even if there are some dark forms with bluish grey plumes.

During breeding, mature little egrets develop longer, narrow and pointed plumes on the nape that form a crest.

It has a long-slender bill and black lores. At the base of the lower mandible is a bare greenish-grey skin and the eye iris is yellow.

The little egret has black legs and yellow feet. The juveniles resemble the non-breeding little egrets except that juveniles have greenish black legs and duller yellow feet.

How Does the Little Egret in Uganda Sing and Make Calls?

Little egrets make croaking and bubbling calls at their breeding colonies and when frightened, they produce a harsh alarm call. Its calls sound like that of a cattle egret and black-crowned night heron.

How Does the Little Egret in Uganda Feed?

Little egret mainly feed on fish, however small reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, insects, warms, molluscs and small birds can also be eaten.

Little egrets track their prey in shallow water by running with raised wings or waddling their feet to frighten the small fish or may remain motionless and wait to trap the prey.

They sometimes take the opportunity of cormorants and humans who disturb or attract fish by throwing bread in water. Little egrets can chase the prey on bare land or even scavenge.

How Does the Little Egret in Uganda Nest?

The little egrets are social colonies that nest in colonies with other birds like the cattle egrets, black crowned night heron and black-headed ibises.

Both adults built a nest made out sticks in the tree or shrub or reed beds. They both keep around their nest and protect their nest-site.

How Does the Little Egret in Uganda Reproduce?

The female little egret lays about 3 to 5 oval shaped eggs, incubation is done by both parents and it takes between 21 to 25 days.

At hatching, the chicks are covered with down feathers. The parents then take care of their chicks and feed them. Fledging takes between 40-45days.

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