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African Thrush in Uganda (“Turdus pelios”)

African Thrush

What to Know About the African Thrush in Uganda?

TheAfrican Thrush in Uganda is one of the African birds of Uganda seen during Uganda birding tours. It belongs to the bird order Passeriformes in the thrush family Turdidae. It is a common resident in the wooded areas of sub-Saharan Africa, mostly in the western Africa.

It is a non-migratory bird and in Uganda, it can be found the edges of Budongo forest.

How Does the African Thrush in Uganda Look-like?

The upper plumage of African Thrush is dark olive-grey. The lower plumage is whitish evenly brown- marked side throat, the breast is pale brown and the flanks are pale buff-orange with this color not extending on to the lower breast, the belly and vent are white.

The beak in yellow-orange. It weighs 46–78g and measures 21–23 cm in length.

How Does the African Thrush in Uganda Feed?

The African thrush frequently forages on the ground looking for its prey in the vegetation. It can crack open snails on an anvil stone like a song thrush.

It feeds on fruits such as figs, papaya, berries and sees. It can also supplement with invertebrates and small fish my rarely.

How Does the African Thrush in Uganda Reproduce?

The pair builds a cup shaped and rather bulky nest made out of plant fibers joined with fine grasses, leaves and roots using mud.

Then the nest is elevated on a parallel tree branch, especially among vines among vines, generally at a height lower than 10m above the ground.

It may re-use the abandoned nest of another species. The female lays normally 2-3 eggs, the female incubates alone and feeding of chicks is done by both parents.

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