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Miss World 2018; Vanessa Ponce De Leon Arrives In Uganda For a 6 Days Uganda Safari – Uganda Safari News

Miss World, Vanessa Ponce De Leon jetted in Uganda at Entebbe International Airport on Tuesday 23rd July ahead of the Miss Uganda 2019/20 Grand Finale slated to take place on Friday, July 26, 2019, at Sheraton Hotel.

She will grace this Miss Uganda grand finale function as the Chief Guest. Like the norm is, the Miss World is supposed to pay a visit to the country where Miss World Africa comes from and being that current miss Africa, queen Abenakyo hails from Uganda the pearl of Africa, the visit from the reigning miss world was looming on the horizon.

As earlier set, she was welcomed by the reigning Miss Uganda & Miss World Africa Quinn Abenakyo together with Uganda’s former beauty Queens, Talent Africa and the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) officials.

The Talent Africa dance troupe played different traditional instruments and put up an emphatic cultural spectacle to accord the miss world the true warm Ugandan welcome she deserved. “Thanks for coming Guys. I am happy to see you’ll. Thank you for coming to pick us! Said Vanessa Ponce.

With a very elegant smile, Miss World was treated to a signature of the Ugandan culture of a dance troop welcome accompanied with beautiful smiles from the team as well as other Ugandans.

She is scheduled to be in Uganda for 6 days on a Uganda safari or her Uganda tour for she will visit different safari attractions in Uganda.

During her visit Uganda she will crown the 2019 Miss Uganda at Sheraton Hotel Kampala Uganda on the 26th July.

She will be on a safari Uganda until Saturday 27th July 2019. She will have a state visit as part of her Pearl of Africa Tour after engaging in some projects under the Theme “Beauty with a Purpose”.

A brief about Vanessa Ponce De Leon

Vanessa Ponce De Leon, aged 27, is of a Mexican model and a beauty Queen that was crowned the 68th Miss World 2018 in Sanya, China in December last year.

She broke the record of being the first Mexican to be crowned Miss World.

Miss World is the oldest running international beauty pageant.

It was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951. Since his death in 2000, Morley’s widow, Julia Morley, has co-chaired the pageant.

Along with Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants the most sought-after beauty titles when it comes to international pageant competitions.

Quinn Abenakyo and Vanessa Ponce among other contestants from other countries vied for the top crown in China last year at the Miss World Competitions.

Ponce became the overall winner with Abenakyo coming in as 2nd runner up and also winning the crown of Miss World Africa.

A Peek about the 2019 Miss Uganda Pageant

Unlike it has been in the previous years, the Miss Uganda 2019 winner will be crowned by the world’s beauty queen 2018.

“I am so happy to be in Uganda for the first time and I cannot wait to see the contestants vie for this year’s Miss Uganda crown,” Ponce said upon touching down at the airport.

A Glimpse about Uganda; The Peal of Africa

Uganda was ranked as the 12th place in the world you must visit before you die. This alone has increased the number of travelers jetting in for Uganda safari tours more visit the different National Parks in Uganda including Kibale National Park Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kidepo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, and Mount Elgon National Park.

Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park was also ranked 3rd Best must-visit photograph destination. Just like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda, Mgahinga National Park is famous for being home to the mountain gorillas. Mgahinga lies within the Virunga massif including Volcanoes National Park Rwanda and Virunga National Park Congo.

All these are home to the famous endangered mountain gorillas hence attracting tourists for Uganda gorilla tours, Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris, Congo gorilla trekking safari tours in these different national parks in the different countries.

Tracking gorillas requires some fitness and is only done by people that are aged 15 and above. Uganda gorilla trekking safaris, Rwanda gorilla tours and Congo gorilla safaris commence at 8 am with a briefing about the do’s and don’ts s of the gorilla trekking activity.

You are paired in groups of 8 and each group is allocated a gorilla family to track and each family is tracked once a day.

The activity itself lasts about 2-8 hours depending on the location of the gorillas. After spotting them, you are restricted to one hour of interaction with the majestic relatives of man.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda topped the most beautiful places in the world and 15th among the 23 best hiking trails in the world as ranked by CNN.

With its extensive hiking trails passing through the forest and offering numerous attractions including wildlife, birds, tree species and butterflies, the World’s most popular Uganda gorilla trekking safari destination undeniably has some of the World’s best hiking trails.

Earlier on, Bwindi was also ranked 3rd among Africa’s best National Parks Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda, christened as the “True African Wilderness” is one of the most sought Africa safari destinations by tourists on Uganda wildlife safari tours.

Kidepo was ranked 14th Africa best safari destination followed by Queen Elizabeth (34th) and Murchison Falls (39th). It has lots of unique wildlife including a cheetah and an ostrich that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Uganda is also home to Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior in North America.

It is also the source of the world’s longest river; River Nile. River Nile is situated in Jinja the adrenaline capital of the world.

Kibale National Park, also situated in Uganda, is the Primate capital of the world. It is home to over 13 primates with chimpanzee having the highest numbers hence attracting lots of Uganda safari tour travellers for chimpanzee trekking safaris Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth’s Kazinga channel is the home to the highest number of hippos in Uganda and Africa. Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is the second largest National Park in Uganda with 1978sq.km after Murchison Falls Park with 3893sq.km.

Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest National Park in Uganda and is the only park where you can spot the 5 on a single tour in Uganda if you booked a package like 2 Days Murchison Falls safari, 3 Days Murchison Falls National Park or a 4 Days Uganda wildlife safari Murchison Falls National Park safari. Christened the World’s most powerful waterfall, it is home to Murchison Falls and the Nile river that attracts a big number of hippos and crocodiles that you can get close to during your boat cruise along the river.

Uganda is one of the countries in the world listed among the friendliest places to visit. It has been described as the friendliest country globally following a survey conducted among expatriates globally, according to the BBC.

While quoting the InterNations report, BBC stated, “57% of expats in Uganda gave ‘general friendliness’ the best possible rating (the global average was 26%). Not only that, not a single respondent ranked this factor negatively.”

Uganda was also ranked as the second happiest country in East Africa following the World’s happiness report. It took the 136th position out of 155 countries across the globe.

Uganda is one of Africa’s best birding destinations. Over half of Africa’s bird species can be spotted here including the most sought after bird; the prehistoric shoebill. Uganda has a good number of forest reserves that act as home to these birds.

Are you a birder interested in a Uganda bird watching safari? look no further, let Uganda be your destination.

During your bird watching safari in Uganda, keep an eye out for the beautiful grey-crowned crane, these elegant birds have wild goldcrests and sport the same colours as the Ugandan flag (black, yellow and red) for it is the country’s national bird. The saddle-billed stork also displays the flag’s colours proudly across its vivid beak.

One particular region suitable for a Uganda birding safari is the Albertine Rift Endemic area, which has over 38 bird species confined to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi Congo.

Out of those Albertine bird species, 25 are mostly confined to the forests of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda and Bwindi Forest National Park all situated in the southwest.


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